About the museum


The Friberg Collection is donated to the National museum by the late doctor Carl Friberg who died in 1949. It is the biggest Aguéli collection in Sweden, containing 32 paintings and 11 sketches. According to the regulations of the donation is to be deposited at the Aguéli museum in Sala

As well as Aguélis work you will find paintings by many contemporary and other artists, such as Karl Nordström, Prins Eugen, Sven X:et Erixon, Richard Bergh, Carl Milles, Helmer Osslund, Stellan Mörner, Henrie Toulouse-Lautrec, Carl Wilhelmsson, Yngve Berg, Hugo Zuhr, Edvard Munch, Karl Isakson, Helene Schjerfbeck, Leander Engström, Carl Kylberg and Maj Bring.

The Museum and its art collection

The Aguéli Museum is run by Sala Art Society as a non-profit association. The society was founded in 1941 with Doctor Carl Friberg as its chairman. The museum was opened in 1962.

The buildings where the Aguéli Museum is located today, is a former electrical power station, built in 1903. The museum and the space for temporary exhibitions constitute the core of the cultural center called “Täljstenen” (The Soap Stone).

In 1948 Dr. Friberg donated his art collection which now is the foundation of the Aquéli Museum’s collection. Acqusitions are continuously made in coordination with Nationalmuseum and Moderna Museet.

In addition to our museum’s namesake, the Aguéli Museum’s collection contains the art works of many other artists, including Vera Nilsson, Carl Kylberg, Helene Schjerfbeck, Ernst Josephson and Karl Nordstöm.


Travershallen (The Overhead Crane Shop) is the space where the museum shows temporary art exhibitions. These are changed continously, which means that there is always something new to experience when you visit the Aguéli Museum. Here you can enjoy contemporary art; art that relates to and reflects upon the current time and society we live in.

Sala Art Society

Sala Art Society was founded in 1941 and is a non-profit organization that runs the Aguéli Museum. It is dependent upon support from members, sponsors, Sala municipality and volunteers to keep it running and maintained.